27 March 2017

10 mistakes you should avoid when you send your Translator/Reviser CV

Nowadays, it is possible to find hundreds of online articles that describe the best way to create a Curriculum Vitae. There are a number of “miracle” tips to help you write appealing CVs, all aimed at securing that hard-to-reach job offer. At SMARTIDIOM, we consider that the most traditional models are not always the most […]


9 March 2017

4 useful tips to consider when choosing a translation company

Translation is not an obvious or quick process, nor is it an easy one. It involves invaluable human technological resources. It is not merely a question of writing a text in another language; it is an art of expression that is subject to a process of exhaustive interpretation and mental exercise. In the current context, […]


1 February 2017


In early 2017, a team of SMARTIDIOM representatives headed to Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) to take part for the first time in the high-profile Consumer Electronics Show, on 5-8 January. This annual event, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, has always been attended by various global players in the technology sector, which use this […]


4 January 2017

11 tips for linguists on doing business with SMARTIDIOM

When interacting with a LSP agency, there are a few measures which are commonly recommended and which better allow the agency and the freelancing partner to do business. With this article, I aim to provide 11 tips regarding how we can better interact with our partners and what we recommend you to do should you […]