A clear, precise message

The importance of reviewing your texts

When you write, your brain focuses on the idea of what you want to say and most of the times it won’t find glaring errors, no matter how many times you reread what you wrote. Getting help from a professional linguist assures the assertiveness and the grammar correction of your text and avoids any mistakes when you communicate with your stakeholders. By using keywords, an accurate linguistic style and adequate marketing strategies, we improve the effectiveness of all your writing. You’d be surprised how many people don’t even use a simple spell check tool after writing a long document.

What is the best solution for my project?

Bilingual revision

This is a process where a linguist – a native speaker of the target language specialised in the text’s area of expertise – proofreads and edits the text, comparing the translation against the source, in order to ensure that the message is correctly transmitted, that there are no errors, omissions or wrong interpretations, and that the translation sounds natural and fluent and has the appropriate style.

Monolingual review

This process usually follows a bilingual revision, where a linguist – a native speaker of the target language specialised in the text’s area of expertise – proofreads and edits the translation without comparing it to the source, in order to detect and correct linguistic mistakes, typos, formatting issues, inconsistencies and omissions.

Hire reviewers who are fluent in the target language.

As native speakers of the target language, our reviewers guarantee the consistency and accuracy of the translated content. If you received a translation from someone and aren’t 100% assure of its quality, we can revise or review it for you.

Count on a trustworthy partner for your adaptation projects.

You can also send us your texts in European Portuguese, British English or French (France) and we will adapt them to Brazilian Portuguese, American English, or French (Canada), and vice-versa.

Benefit from our complementary services to enhance your project.

You may want to include a more creative step in your service pack. Specifically in texts for marketing and advertising that need a “certain something” aside from the translation and revision/review, you may want to consider issues such as the style, goal or technicality level of your text so that the final result reads and flows more naturally for the reader. With transcreation, the transcreators work with enough autonomy to free themselves from the source text’s structure and make sure the target translation is creative and clear enough for a native speaker. With  copywriting, you also have an alternative to create rather than merely review your text looking for linguistic and grammar issues. Contact us to know how we can help you adapt your message to the international markets you want to break into and to overcome any linguistic or cultural barriers.

Get in touch with us if:

You have created your own documents, but would like to ensure their accuracy through professional advice from a specialised partner.
You want to eliminate any subjectivity, possible misunderstandings or communication errors in your documents.
You want to invest in clear, precise communication to get closer to your target audience.

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