Email Marketing

Assertive communication in dozens of languages

What is Email Marketing?

Direct, effective email marketing is a powerful web marketing tool for sending emails to a your target audience. As there are so many emails nowadays, lots of which are useless, your emails might be directed to the trash folder (because they are considered spam). They may not even be read because the subscriber does not identify with the communication and eventually erases it.

Strengthen the relationship with your customers and conquer new ones with an assertive email marketing strategy.

Why invest in email marketing?

The use of email marketing strengthens your relationship with the customers, while allowing you to attract new ones. Some of the advantages are the high segmentation capacity, the higher conversion rates and the higher return on investment (ROI). The possibility of customising a message and its interactivity are other benefits of Email Marketing, which turns out to be one of the cheapest and most effective ways of communicating with customers and the general public. The available email marketing tools have integrated systems to monitor the final results, allowing you to collect information about your campaign’s success, rather important data to optimise your future campaigns.

Why Email?

54% of marketers rate emailing as the most efficient digital marketing channel and the simplest in terms of use.
89% of marketers also say that they use email as the main channel for attracting new business opportunities.

Trust your email marketing translations to SMARTIDIOM!

SMARTIDIOM develops multilingual email marketing communication using native linguists. Our specialists know the best techniques so that your message is perfectly understood in your product’s markets, maintaining the values and overall consistency of your brand. We translate your message, adapt it to the local culture and respect the best practices for mass emailing. We create personalised content so when the consumers receive their email, they read it with interest, feeling that it was written and directed at them.

Our solutions for email marketing translation include:

Creating multilingual content according to the brand’s briefing
Building appealing call-to-actions
Developing marketing-friendly subject lines

Would you like to communicate with your target audience better?

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