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In an era when knowledge is becoming increasingly democratic, travelling has become a habit for practically anyone in the world. For leisure or as a way to acquire knowledge and come in contact with different cultures, there are increasingly more travellers looking at the offerings promoted on digital platforms: social networks, blogs specialising in tourism, and search platforms, among many others. In Portugal, for instance, 2015 was the year with the most trips made inside and outside the continent by Portuguese tourists, with close to 7,000 recorded.

With tourism becoming ever more regular and so many travellers searching and booking online, is your company adapting the strategies needed to stand out from the competition and reach your target market? One of the most critical factors to highlight any company in this industry is the language you choose to present your content, since one of the tourists’s demands is the comfort of visiting new places without abandoning their mother tongue. Yet it is not enough to merely provide the contents in their language when the user decides to travel: The most respected companies in the Tourism and Lifestyle Trends industry know that the secret is to be with the users, speaking their language, during the entire tourism experience.

Project managers and linguists who accumulate the specific knowledge of years and years of localisation projects in the tourism industry

To ensure a successful experience, the organisations of this industry know that transforming travellers into loyal customers in their mother tongue is a complex process. Aware of this difficulty, SMARTIDIOM counts on the proven experience in providing the multilingual services for contents related to the Tourism and Lifestyle Trends industry, making us your ideal partner.

Having received your project, the SMARTIDIOM Project Manager strives to understand the main market trends, in order to benefit your business. To obtain a final product with maximum quality, we must test and identify potential errors to ensure the reliability of your product. Our solutions, implemented by linguists who are native speakers of the languages they work in and specialised in the Tourism and Lifestyle Trends industry, go beyond translation services: They include a creative side, if you so desire, in order to reach where and whom you wish.

Language solutions of excellence for:

Market analyses

Tourism brochures

Audio guides

Promotional materials

Booking software

Press releases

Technical documents

Quality surveys

Sustainability reports

Videos and applications


Information leaflets

Marketing materials

Online booking systems

Corporate websites


Native linguists who live in the target country, with a deep understanding of the technical language of Tourism and Lifestyle Trends
Wide-ranging solutions in over 100 languages and more than 40 areas of expertise, even the most uncommon
Flexibility and efficiency to manage projects of any size
Some of our prestige customers include:
Travel agencies
Footwear companies
Fashion multinationals

Case Studies

Learn about our successful partnership with TO WORK FOR, a company in the area of Consumer Goods.
Industry: Tourism and Lifestyle Trends
SMART Solution: transcription, translation, subtitling
Languages: European Portuguese-American English, European Portuguese-French
The company approached SMARTIDIOM’s dedicated Project Manager with a request to subtitle a promotional video into two languages. The job involved a brief feature by a Portuguese television channel that highlighted and celebrated the company’s successful internationalisation.

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