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Translation and localisation solutions for the video gaming industry


New challenges for a growing industry

In an increasingly technological world, where access to information is facilitated by the development of new devices, we must bear in mind the countless possibilities of entertainment through video games. For computers, portable consoles or mobile devices, ever more diversified games are created, directed towards all types of users. Originally created for a younger audience, the video games industry has been developing quickly and continuously to reach the different age groups and tastes of consumers.

With all types of people joining over time, the video games sector is no longer an airtight form of entertainment and can be mixed with other industries and art forms, such as music or cinema. The evolution of these products has attracted the attention of all sorts of investors worldwide. Portugal is an example of the exponential growth of this industry: It is in 37th place on the list of the 100 most lucrative countries in this sector, in research conducted by Newzoo, and bills over $96 million in revenues, according to Statistic.

Wide-ranging translation experience that complements, with competence and precision, the development process of the game

Translation and localisation solutions go hand-in-hand with the evolution of this sector and are responsible for the breakdown of language and cultural barriers faced by video games companies. The translation and localisation of a video game is a task with various key factors that must be evaluated with special attention: the destination audience, the platforms on which it is presented or the way it should be personalised, due to the precision and the care needed with regard to the target context, are some of the factors to be considered.

SMARTIDIOM is different because it considers the needs of the companies that develop these products, and therefore has native linguists prepared to respond to the challenges and suggest creative options that can improve your product. Apart from the translation, revision/review and quality control services, our team shares your passion for video games, and the experience and proximity needed to launch your product whenever and wherever you wish.

Language solutions of excellence for:

Accessories for video game franchises

User guides and walkthroughs

Promotional newsletters

Equipment instruction manuals

Promotional banners

Games for desktops

Localisation of graphics

Instruction manuals for games

Films on video games

Games for mobile platforms

Websites and blogs

User assistance materials


An extensive base of translators and reviewers – who are players themselves – focused on the terminology and the rules of each game

Guarantee that the message transmits the tone of voice of the original content and satisfies the users’ expectations

Several years of experience in translation and localisation of a wide range of multilingual projects

Some of our prestige customers include:

Video game distributors
 Video game producers
Dubbing and voice-over studios
Video game software manufacturers
Mobile game stores

Case Studies

Learn about our successful partnership with Awesome in the video gaming industry.
Client: Awesome
Industry: Video Games
SMART Solution: localisation
Languages: English-German, English-Simplified Chinese, English-Traditional Chinese, English-Korean, English-Spanish, English-French, English-Italian, English-Japanese, English-Brazilian Portuguese, English-Russian
The project was totally managed around the launch of the Parigami game in 2015, an entertainment opportunity in which the users were presented to entertaining origami animal characters and their adventures in a colourful paper forest.

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