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We believe in the potential of a united and multidisciplinary team. We are looking for dedicated, creative, highly-motivated people with the will to challenge the market and to take SMARTIDIOM to unexplored territories. If you see yourself in this profile, it is time to join us!


Passionate about words, but also numbers, art, sciences, management and people. We believe that different contexts bring greater value to our team and, for that reason, we bring together professionals specialized in several fields.
Currently we have a team of 28 people, from 6 different countries, divided into 3 offices and 7 departments.

What our crew says

TIAGO CRUZ – DIRECTOR of operations

At SMARTIDIOM, I achieved my first in-house experience in translation and began to develop my project management and administrative skills, which I still use today. What I discovered immediately was a type of management that was very different from what I had experienced previously on the labour market. The company is managed around human resources, realising they are the most valuable resource. This approach makes a team that is determined, enthusiastic and focused on business objectives and, consequently, on our clients’ needs. In 2013, I had a new professional experience at a competing agency that had been on the market longer, and was able to expand my knowledge with a different approach, but I came back in 2015. This speaks for itself in terms of what SMARTIDIOM means for its people. SMARTIDIOM is clearly and unequivocally the ideal company, since it is not a company where we “work”, but rather a company where we achieve goals together.


I started taking my first steps in the translation industry at SMARTIDIOM. I have been working here since 2014 and I can say that SMARTIDIOM isn’t just a company. It is a small family where mutual help between all prevails, which allows us to grow not only on a professional level, but in a personal level as well. I am proud to be part of a team with such dedicated professionals who work continuously for SMARTIDIOM to be a great example of success.


After working in the web development area for many years, I arrived at SMARTIDIOM with great expectations. A new job, a new environment, and new responsibilities. Working here is a healthy challenge that makes us ever more capable in our areas of expertise, by developing us as individuals and as professionals! Today, SMARTIDIOM is not just one more company I have had the pleasure to work with – it is the company where I hope to remain for a really long time!

At SMARTIDIOM, we are commited to a happy work environment.

This is why we created our Happiness Lab, which is responsible for fostering the team spirit and ensuring that we don’t fall into a routine.

Are you looking for a monotonous, unmotivating job, without a drop of excitement? Sorry, but we cannot offer you that! If you are looking for the exact opposite,  send us your CV.